Thank you very much for contacting us.  Here are some frequently asked questions.  We hope they are helpful for you, but if you cannot find the answer here, please contact “mail-info@katsuko.net”.


Question: I’d like to order a wedding dress. When should I contact you?

Answer: A wedding dress normally takes 12 to 16 weeks and you should contact us 5 to 6 months before the wedding day because after you have the dress you can find the right accessories and match the bouquet easily.


Question: Do you have printed leaflets?

Answer: I’m sorry, but we do not. We make all garments individually, so everything is unique.


Question: Why do you recommend using silk fabrics for a wedding dress?

Answer: Silk fabrics look very beautiful. It comes from silkworm cocoons made of natural fibres and the fibre cross-section is triangular, giving it a distinctive reflective sheen. Light and durable, soft, breathable and moisture absorption resistant, this is the best material for wedding dresses. There is also the benefit of superior heat retention making it cool in summer and warm in winter and it is less likely to attract static electricity. You can dye and change the colour and it is easy to alter (for example, cut of the back train and hem) after your wedding, perhaps to use as an evening dress. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. However silk might have to be avoided if you are allergic to any animals. If this is the case please contact us.


Question: How do you wash a silk dress?

Answer: All dresses have to be dry cleaned. If the dress has any embellishments such as sequins, crystal buttons or beading, please consult with the dry cleaner first. If you are in the UK, we recommend a dry cleaner that is a member of the “GreenEarth” dry cleaner.


Question: Can I bring my own fabric?

Answer: We have a lot of fabric samples here, including imported lace from France and Italy, but you can also use your own fabric. However, if the fabric is old, sometimes it can become brittle depending on the state of preservation, so please contact us.


Question: Can you make a dress with other materials instead of silk?

Answer: If the materials are woven fabric then we can make the dress. We’re sorry but we don’t use any stretch materials (jersey), denim, leather or fur.


Question: How many fittings do I need?

Answer: One for the test garment and at least two for your dress.


Question: Do I need the test garment (toile)?

Answer: Usually we use expensive materials so we make test garments first for wedding dresses and dresses which have complicated designs. We can check that the overall balance is good and we include the cost of the test garment in the price that we quote. However, if you do not have time or we think the dress has a simple design, we don’t need to make the test garment so we can start to make the dress directly. When we make the test garment, larger changes to the design are possible, but if not, we generally can only make small changes, such as lowering the neckline by a few centimetres.


Question: Do you take order for children’s dresses?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not accept these orders at the moment.


Question: Can you make an exact copy of a dress?

Answer: Because of copyright issues, we don’t do this. However, it is possible to bring a magazine or photos of a dress you like for the consultation, and we can make small modifications as part of the overall design.


Question: Do the dresses come with a lining?

Answer: All dresses have a full lining. We always care about the small details and if the dress colour is white, ivory or pale, we use double linings.


Question: Can I pay by credit card?

Answer: We only accept payments by cash, cheque or bank transfer.