How to order

order01 (1)My dresses and clothes are all hand made to a high quality, but also at a very reasonable prices. I have a small studio, so I can concentrate on making beautiful dresses and clothes just for you.

I do not have a stock of dresses and clothes (I do have some sample dresses that were used in some of out photo shoots). This means that any outfit ordered from me will be created to your very own specifications.


I offer a “Bespoke” design service.

Bespoke design service :
You can choose any design, fabric, material and trimming that you like.


Free consultation : Discuss about the details, fabric and materials.

I will show you all the possibilities available to you. This first meeting normally takes 30-60 minutes and is free of charge. If you have got some pictures, magazines or sample fabrics then please bring them. After discussion, I will show you an illustration of your dress and give you some sample fabrics with a contract. If you are happy with your order, please sign a copy of the contract and pay 50% as a deposit at out next meeting or by post (except cash). I accept CASH, CHEQUE, PAYPAL and BANK TRANSFER only. This is not refundable.


Please wear the right underwear, especially bra when we take your measurements. This is a very important process. Also you should wear shoes with the same sized heel that you intend to wear with the dress/clothes..

Fitting with test garment (toile)

After making a paper pattern, I will make a toile which is a test garment normally made of muslin, calico or cotton. You can see the style and shape and if necessary I can easily change some of the details such as the sleeve length or putting gathering on the skirt. If you want to make changes (to fabric or design), please tell me before I cut the real fabric, or there may be an additional cost after this stage. It may take several fittings before you are satisfied . Again, please wear appropriate underwear and shoes for each fitting. If you are short of time then I could skip this stage (it depends on your design and your size).

Fitting with your chosen fabric

order02Once your toile is perfect, I will start to make your outfit. At this stage I will ask you about small details such as beading and embroidery which you may like to include. Again it may take several fittings before everything is perfect.

Final fitting and collection

Thank you very much for waiting. Your outfit is ready. I will do a final check and you can collect it. Please pay the balance. After collection, if the garment needs any small alterations (change the size), these will be done for no extra charge within the first 30 days. If you want to change the design, I might have to charge an additional fee.

Prices and Ordering Time

My prices depend on design, fabric and trim (beading, embroidery etc.), but some examples are shown below. Your first design consultation will be free, but an appointment is necessary as my studio is small. When contacting me, if possible please let me know your vision in terms of design, materials and colour; also your budget and when you need the garment(s). Dresses normally take from six to eight weeks, wedding dresses take from eight to twelve weeks and suits from four to six weeks, but it may be possible to improve upon this if required. Please contact me as soon as possible.

If you would like to see a fabric sample, please tell me which dress (from my photos) or the fabric name and colour. I will send it to you by royal mail, second class.

Appointments and Fittings

To book an appointment
please call 020 8447 5839
07967 144 163 (Mobile)
email :

You must need an appointment when you come to the studio.

Monday – Friday 10 am – 8 pm, Saturday 10 am – 3 pm
(The last appointment starts at 7:30 pm, but if you require a different day or time, I will try to fix it except Sundays.)

The first consultation is free

If you need to cancel an appointment, please phone me on 020 8447 5839 or 07967 144 163.